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Phone: 1-800-382-9785

Whissell Industrial & Environmental

Trust the specialists on Whissell’s team for your Industrial Construction and Environmental solutions. Our decades of experience in project management, construction and environmental practices, and risk management will ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget!

Why work with Whissell?


Whissell has a leading edge Safety program actively engaging our entire work force


We have a dedicated team of experienced personnel with diverse backgrounds and experience.

Value Added

We optimize project savings through project efficiencies and an industry leading Quality Control Program.


We have over 300 pieces of equipment that can accommodate any type of project. Our construction equipment utilizes the most state-of-the-art hardware & software, providing pinpoint accuracy to ensure all tasks are completed correctly the first time.

Complete Team

Whissell’s dedicated team of professions extends from the office through to our field personnel; all with years’ experience; all sharing a passion for providing the best possible value to our clients. Whissell’s Industrial construction and Environmental solutions, expertise includes:

  • Remediations
  • Lease building
  • Underground piping installations
  • Pipe line decommissioning, removal, abandonment, asbestos coated
  • Pipe line integrity projects
  • Earthworks and grading
  • Heavy Transportation services
  • Landfill developments cell construction, capping
  • Landfill gas installations
  • Building envelope excavations
  • Slurry walls (vertical bentonite cut off walls)
  • Plant Work, expansions
  • Slope protection/Wet work (in stream, ponds, lakes)