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Heavy Equipment Rentals & Contracting

Heavy Equipment Rentals & Contracting

Whissell Contracting has a continuously expanding fleet of over 200 pieces of heavy equipment, highway trucks and trailers. Our fleet includes construction equipment, tractors and trailers. Recent acquisitions in 2014 include two Caterpillar 657G Scrapers, Caterpillar 14M Grader, Caterpillar 815F Compactor, two Volvo A40F Articulated Trucks, Caterpillar 349E Excavator and Caterpillar 328LDRC Excavator.

The core of our heavy equipment rentals and contracting program is our philosophy on maintenance. We invest heavily in properly maintaining and repairing equipment in order to minimize downtime and provide maximum service to our clients. Our heavy equipment fleet is managed by our well trained mechanical staff from our shops in Calgary and Lethbridge. We also operate a fleet of Lube/Fuel Trucks and Mechanic Trucks for fueling, servicing and repairing equipment in the field. As a result, we have developed a reputation of having one the best maintained fleets in Alberta. Our Highway Tractors are the ‘jewels’ of the fleet, decked out in “Whissell” Orange paint and chrome; we get many compliments on our fleet.

We have the capacity to meet even the most stringent project timelines.

Click on the headings below to see our fleet which includes the following types of heavy equipment available for rentals or contracting projects:


Rocker Breaker

  • Caterpillar 245 w/ Allied G110 Breaker Read More




Track Loaders

Tire Loaders

Articulated Trucks



  • Caterpillar 815F Read More
  • Caterpillar CP663
  • Caterpillar CP563c
  • Dynapac CA252 pd
  • Dynapac CA262 pd
  • Dynapac CA302 pd
  • Hamm 2412P

Landfill Equipment

  • Caterpillar 836H Read More
  • Caterpillar 963C Waste Arrangment Read More
  • Caterpillar 963D Waste Arrangment Read More
  • Caterpillar 973D Waste Arrangment
  • Caterpillar D7E Waste Arrangment Read More
  • CMI Terex 3-90E


  • American 5299
  • Grove RT875

Equipment Servicing

  • Kenworth T800 Fuel and Lube Service Trucks
  • Kenworth T375 Mechanic’s Truck
  • Internatinal Terrastar Mechanic Trucks

HydroVac and Flushing

  • Kenworth T660 Vactor Combi Unit


  • Kenworth W900b w/winch
  • Kenworth T800 w/winch
  • Kenworth W900b
  • Kenworth T800
  • Kenworth T800 w/picker

Gravel Trucks

  • Kenworth T370 Tandem
  • Kenworth T800 Tandem


  • Capacities up to 100 tons
  • 48, 64 and 76 wheel Heavy Haul Lowboy
  • 8, 12, 16, 32, 40, 48 wheel Lowboys
  • 8, 16 Wheels Jeeps
  • 8 Wheel Booster
  • 12 Wheel Step Deck w/live roll
  • Tri Axle
  • B-Train
  • End Dump
  • Lead Dump